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WATCH: 7 Times The Media, Hollywood Called Conservatives ‘Monkeys’

The media launched a smear campaign against Florida Republican candidate for governor Ron DeSantis on Monday after DeSantis said voters should not “monkey” up the state’s success by embracing socialism.

“The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state,” DeSantis said. “That is not gonna work. That is not going to be good for Florida.”

Several left-leaning outlets used the poor choice of words to falsely claim that DeSantis referred to his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gillum, who is black, as a “monkey.”

Despite the feigned outrage, the media does not really have a problem with calling people “monkeys” — as long as they are conservatives. Here are just a few of the examples of the media and some big-name celebrities calling Republicans and conservatives “monkeys”:

1. Erin Burnett Calls President George W. Bush A “Monkey”

In 2007, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” CNBC anchor Erin Burnett called President George W. Bush a “monkey,” and then tried to deflect her statement by suggesting that she was talking about German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Burnett now works at CNN.


2. Jennifer Rubin Calls Employees At Conservative Company “Monkeys”

Jennifer Rubin, a self-styled “Republican” who writes for The Washington Post and is a contributor at MSNBC, disparaged employees who work at Rasmussen Reports — a conservative polling company — in June 2018.

“Well, first of all Rasmussen is like Kool-Aid drinking, you know, they have monkeys, you know, calling people on the phone, and it’s nonsense,” Rubin said.

3. MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt: Trump Team Worse Than “Monkeys Hurling Excrement”

Steve Schmidt said the Trump administration was worse than “monkeys hurling excrement” in January 2018.


4. NBC Show Transitions From Talking About How The Term “Monkey” Is Offensive, To Attacking Black Members Of The Trump Administration And Black Conservatives.

NewsBusters reports:

Season two of NBC’s comedy Marlon premiered Thursday evening with two back-to-back episodes, both of which took digs at esteemed Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, portraying him as a “sellout” and the polar opposite of hero Martin Luther King. Two other famous, black conservatives were also painted as sellouts and anti-heroes: former Apprentice star and Trump administration staffer Omarosa Manigault and actress Stacey Dash.

Transcript of the interaction, provided via NewsBusters:

Ashley: Honey, having a black child with a shirt that says “Monkey” on it is wrong.

Zack: Why?

Marley: Zack, “Monkey” is a name that racists use to degrade black people, to equate us with animals.

Marlon: MM. See, now, that baby reads.

Zack: But I already told all my friends I was gonna be famous.

Marlon: Okay, and that’s cool, son, but what do you wanna be famous for? I mean, do you wanna be a hero or a sellout? I mean, do you wanna be Dr. Martin Luther King or Dr. Ben Carson? Do you wanna be Rosa Parks or Omarosa? Do you wanna be Mrs. Dash or Stacey Dash? Yeah, I don’t know where I went with that last part, but what I’m trying to say is, one of those things don’t have any flavor. So, you gotta ask yourself, son, which one do you wanna be?

Zack: I wanna be a hero, Dad.

Marlon: You made the right decision.

Ashley: Yeah, and we’re proud of you.


5. ABC’s Joy Behar Compares President Donald Trump To A “Monkey”

During a segment in April of this year, Dr. Phil McGraw appeared on ABC’s “The View,” to talk about President Donald Trump.

“Trump brushes the dandruff off Trump [sic, Macron] like an orangutan does that,” Behar said. “So have you ever seen a Dian Fossey documentary? That’s what the monkeys do. They do this [grooming motion]. What’s that about? What’s going on there?”


6. Chelsea Handler Called Trump A “Monkey”

7. Stephen King Called Trump’s Proposed Cabinet “Plunder-Monkeys”

There are scores of additional examples of the media and the Left calling conservatives “monkeys,” as there are also dozens of examples of Democrats using the term “monkeys” in a similar manner that DeSantis did — and the media did not have a problem with it.

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