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WATCH: 1999 TV Show Seems To Accurately Depict Weinstein’s Lecherous Ways

As more and more clips emerge confirming that Harvey Weinstein’s alleged abusive and perverse actions were an open secret in Hollywood, his contemporaries’ excuses that they “had no idea what was going on” grow thinner and thinner.

Case in point: back in 1999, actor and comedian Jay Mohr starred in a show called Action in which he played a Hollywood executive trying to produce a successful film after his last feature bombed and nearly sunk his company.

In the season (and ultimately series) finale, Mohr’s character goes to make a deal with the “Rothstein Brothers,” and in the clip below, you’ll get a glimpse of what Hollywood 18 years ago thought of Harvey and his brother:

According to the video’s comments:

There was a running parody of the Weinsteins (played by Stuart Pankin and another), who only took meetings with producer Peter Dragon (Jay Mohr) in a steamroom barely covered in towels. The “joke” was that they were sleazy pervs — iirc the “big moment” of what would end up as the series finale was Peter agreeing to their demands in a deal that would save his movie: his delivery of his ex-child-star development exec (Ileana Douglas) to them for a three-way.

*There’s* a nice round-up of celebrities who could be asked about the “long-standing rumors”!

Many of Harvey’s showbiz friends who’ve worked closely with the mogul still maintain they were unaware of his predatory ways, including actor Matt Damon who told Deadline Hollywood on Tuesday, “We know this stuff goes on in the world. I did five or six movies with Harvey. I never saw this,” adding later that, “This morning, I just feel absolutely sick to my stomach.”

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