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Washington Post Reporter Tweets Out Home Address Of Controversial Trump Supporter

By  Joseph Curl

Boy, do the liberal milquetoasts hate Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr.

The fiery lawman doesn’t mince words. Example: He says Black Lives Matter is a terrorist movement, a hate group, and calls it, “Black Lies Matter.” His stemwinder speech at the Republican National Convention in July brought a legion of fans — except for Democrats, whose urban policies he has called “misery-inducing, divisive, exploitative and racist.”

In May, it was announced that Clarke would be joining the federal government, taking on the post of assistant secretary in Department of Homeland Security, where he would serve as a liaison with law enforcement at several levels across the country.

But over the past weekend, Clarke withdraw his name from consideration. On Sunday, Abby D. Phillip, a Washington Post reporter, posted a tweet that said “For those wondering if Sheriff Clarke ever actually received a job offer, I’ve obtained a copy of the letter from DHS Human Resources.”

The tweet contained a link to the letter — which contained Clarke’s home address. Twitter, being Twitter, then did what Twitter does.

But others were shocked that the sheriff’s home address was included.

Despite a Twitter policy that home addresses are not to be published, the letter is still there. But we think Clarke can take care of himself. In 2014, Clarke said: “I don’t dial 911. I will afterwards, to say ‘Come get this dead guy out of my house, he’s bleeding out and he’s messing up my carpet.’”

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