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Washington Post Justifies Violence Against Trump Supporters

By  John Nolte

The 24/7 Fake News Factory that calls itself The Washington Post has once again been caught lying, this time through omission (and sinister spin) about yet another round of unprovoked, left-wing violence committed against Trump supporters. Paul Mirengoff at the indispensable PowerLine noticed the discrepancy between his own eyes and the Orwellian write-up by Leah Sottile at The Post — a report that not only attempted to cover up the true nature of the violence but sought to justify it:

The real problem is Sottile’s utter failure to describe what actually happened in Portland.

She spends half of the article talking about events other than the rally — e.g., the stabbings of a week ago. Her obvious goal is somehow to tie the pro-Trump demonstrators to events like the stabbings, even though they had nothing to do with them.

When Sottile finally gets to the rally, she fails to report on the attack by the “left-wing, anti-fascists” on the Portland police. In her account, these good-natured folk merely “chanted, blared music, and held paper-mache spiders and skeletons.” In her account, the police responded by declaring their protest unlawful and “deploying a volley of flash grenades into the crowd of counterprotesters” (no mention here that they are left-wing).

In reality, the left-wing protesters attacked the police. Jazz Shaw at Hot Air provides a good account, based on the reporting of media outlets more honest than the Washington Post — e.g., CNN and AP, believe it or not — as well as the Portland Police’s twitter account (in real time).

At first, the “anti-fascists” exchanged insults with their antagonists. But then they started to throw glass bottles and bricks at the officers.

When the truth is so blatant that even CNN and the Associated Press cannot cover it up, that tells you just how far The Post went.

In summation …

In the United States of America a group of Americans legally gathered together to peaceably demonstrate for their political beliefs. Then, with no provocation whatsoever, a group of anti-Trump Leftists started hurling glass bottles and bricks … and this is how The Washington Post covered the story:

Right-wing free speech rally draws massive counterprotests in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. — In a city splintered by protest, acrimony and the fresh pain of a pair of killings on a light-rail train, demonstrators gathered again — and clashed again — here Sunday afternoon, with a right-wing rally drawing thousands of counterprotesters in the heart of downtown. The planned, permitted free-speech and pro-President Trump rally came just more than a week after 35-year-old Jeremy Christian — a man who performed Nazi salutes and screamed racial slurs at a recent right-wing rally here in late April — allegedly stabbed three men, killing two, after what witnesses said was a hate-filled tirade against two teenage girls on a light-rail train. The slain men, Rick Best, 53, and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, 23, and the survivor, Micah Fletcher, were standing up to Christian as he harassed the girls, one of whom was wearing a hijab.

Although I prefer to save this analogy for CNN, it is just too appropriate not to use here.

This is exactly how the Nazis covered violence against their own citizens. Not just the Jews, but anyone in the early thirties who opposed Hitler and National Socialism.

Peaceful German citizens opposed to or critical of the ruling class were bullied, brutalized and publicly beaten. Then, to cover up this horrific violence, Nazi newspapers and broadcasts would spin the ugly truth, ignore the ugly truth or, like The Post did here, use a mixture of both.

The cover up is the least of The Post’s sins, because covering up this violence is not the goal.

The goal is much more sinister …

By covering up the truth about the violence, while at the same time injecting non sequiturs about a “stabbing” that has nothing to do with anything, quite intentionally, The Washington Post is sending out a not-so-subtle dog-whistle that violence against Trump supporters is not only okay, but encouraged and righteous and just.

This is exactly how the Nazis covered violence against their own citizens.

The national political media in this country is both desperate and evil, a trapped animal willing to ape Nazi Germany as a means to recapture power. They are also just getting started.

This is no joke. Protect yourselves accordingly.

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