Fake News Factory — Another Disastrous Week For 'The Washington Post'

If anyone had told me that any news outlet was capable of spewing more Fake News than CNN, I would have laughed in their face. I was wrong. Over the past week, the left-wing Washington Post has published an astonishing amount of Fake News, a torrent of lies, and all of it aimed directly at President Trump.

1. BOMBSHELL Confession That Was … a Joke

Beyond pathetic.

2. BOMBSHELL: Deputy Attorney General Threatened to Quit

Never happened.

3. BOMBSHELL: FBI Director Comey Fired After Asking For More Investigative Funds

Total lie.

4. BOMBSHELL: Trump Revealed Classified Information To Russians

Yeah, no.

5. BOMBSHELL: Republicans Treat Rape As Pre-Existing Condition


This is not the first time The Washington Post has engaged in a spree of Fake News. Over just a few days in late January and early February, Post staffer Josh Rogin published three anti-Trump BOMBSHELLS that eventually blew up in his lying face. After The Daily Wire exposed and compiled Rogin's sins, two extraordinary things happened: (1) Rogin hasn't published anymore Fake News (that we know of) and (2) Rogin also hasn't published any big scoops.

Funny how that works.

And let us never forget The Post's whopper of all Fake News whoppers — the BOMBSHELL that Russia had hacked into Vermont's power grid. Man alive.

I haven't even gotten started on the serial-liar who poses as a fact-checker for The Washington Post.

Just try to imagine for a moment the reaction from our national political media had The Daily Wire, Fox News, Breitbart News, Mike Cernovich or any other New Media outlet gotten as many BOMBSHELL reports wrong over the last year as The Washington Post has in just the last week.

Over only a few days, The Washington Post has blown FIVE HUGE stories with massive national implications, and not a single one of its competitors have said a word.

Where's CNN?

Where's The New York Times?

Where's Politico?

They say nothing because they are all on the same Get Trump team; they say nothing because the goal is not truth, the goal is to destroy Trump, and lies that further that goal are seen as necessary and courageous.

To any objective observer, The Washington Post is a laughingstock, a fake news propaganda factory… But there will be no consequences because that is exactly what everyone in the national media wants The Washington Post to be.

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