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Warren Nukes Bloomberg: He Calls Women ‘Fat Broads’ And ‘Horse-Faced Lesbians’
Democratic presidential hopefuls Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg ans Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warrenget ready for the ninth Democratic primary debate of the 2020 presidential campaign season co-hosted by NBC News, MSNBC, Noticias Telemundo and The Nevada Independent at the Paris Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada, on February 19, 2020.
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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) immediately went after billionaire Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg during NBC’s debate on Wednesday night over his previous comments on women.

“I’d like to talk about who we are running against, a billionaire who calls women, ‘fat broads,’ and ‘horse-faced lesbians,'” Warren said. “And no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump. I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg.”

“Democrats are not going to win if we have a nominee who has a history of hiding his tax returns, of harassing women, and of supporting racist policies like redlining and stop-and-frisk,” Warren continued. “Look, I’ll support whoever the Democratic nominee is. But understand this: Democrats take a huge risk if we just substitute one arrogant billionaire for another.”


The Daily Wire reported the following on Bloomberg’s background and policy views last September:

On November 24, 2019, Michael Rubens Bloomberg announced his formal entrance into the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential primary. To date, he is the latest candidate to enter the primary field.

Michael Bloomberg served three full terms as mayor of New York City, from 2002 through the end of 2013. He was New York City’s mayoral successor of the failed 2008 Republican presidential candidate and current private attorney for President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani. Bloomberg is also the co-founder, CEO, and majority owner of financial services conglomerate Bloomberg L.P., which is perhaps best known for its flagship Bloomberg Terminal hardware. As of November 2019, Bloomberg’s net worth was estimated at $58 billion dollars, which makes him one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. He has been a prolific donator to various charitable and political causes.

Born in Boston in 1942, Bloomberg has degrees from Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Business School. A registered Democrat earlier in his career, Bloomberg actually ran for and successfully sought the New York City mayoralty office as a registered Republican before re-registering as an independent in the midst of his second mayoral term. He re-registered as a Democrat in 2018. Since joining the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primary field, Bloomberg News — an international news outlet operating as a legal subsidiary of Bloomberg L.P. — has announced that it will not journalistically investigate Bloomberg or his fellow 2020 Democratic Party primary campaign rivals.

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The Daily Wire reported the following on Warren’s background and policy views last September:

Elizabeth Ann Warren has served since 2013 as a U.S. senator from Massachusetts. A member of the Democratic Party and a former Harvard Law School professor, Warren is a firm progressive who routinely takes far-left, populist-inspired political stances on policies pertaining to the economy and the regulatory state. Warren, who has a checkered and controversial past with respect to her alleged — but scientifically dubious — Cherokee ancestry, was born in Oklahoma City and grew up in Oklahoma. She attended George Washington University before attaining a bachelor’s degree at the University of Houston. She went to law school at Rutgers University.

Warren’s first marriage ended in divorce, and she is now married to Bruce Mann, who is also a Harvard Law School professor. Warren has two children.

Warren’s debatable claim to partial Cherokee ancestry has been the source of much drama and partisan bickering. In late 2018, Warren released the results of a DNA test that showed she might be as little as 1/1024th Cherokee. She was subsequently criticized by the Cherokee Nation.

Warren’s far-left economic and social stances, which were somewhat avant-garde at the time of her election to the U.S. Senate, are now mainstream for the Democratic Party. Prior to her election to the Senate, Warren was instrumental in the development and founding of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), which was created by the 2010 Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. Conservatives have routinely assailed the CFPB as being unnecessarily intrusive, unconstitutionally funded, and unconstitutionally structured.

She is now running for the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination and has recently polled in third place, behind only former Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

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