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WAR: DCCC Freezes Out ‘Progressive’ Campaign Consultants, So They’ve Started Their Own ‘Blacklist’

By  Emily Zanotti

The campaign consultants behind Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) meteoric rise to national prominence want to extend their “progressive primary” crusade to every Democratic House race in the country, but the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is standing in their way.

But Justice Democrats, the controversial operation behind Ocasio-Cortez’s win — the same group that has now been hit with several FEC complaints over how it mixed its money with Cortez’s campaign coffers — is fighting back and threatening to declare open war within the Democratic party if they aren’t allowed to take on existing moderate candidates.

This week, Roll Call reports, the DCCC voted to “freeze out” Justice Democrats from getting lucrative contracts with Democratic House contenders across the country. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the D.C. based outlet says, has a “newly stated policy that it will not grant contracts to pollsters, strategists and communications specialists working with primary challengers.”

“Still, the new policy moves millions of expenditures by the DCCC off the table for firms that work with candidates who challenge Democratic incumbents,” Roll Call adds.

Justice Democrats exists largely to primary moderate and, in many cases, older Democrats who they feel are standing in the way of real progressive progress. Initially, before Ocasio-Cortez won office, they seemed like an outlier company, standing behind a number of campaigns that all, inevitably, lost. But with Ocasio-Cortez’s success, the Justice Democrats are in demand (aside from their teeny-tiny issues with the Federal Election Commission, of course).

In response, the Justice Democrats have created the “DCCC Blacklist,” a website that chronicles all of the progressive-owned “pollsters, strategists and communications specialists” as well as “political vendors, political action committees, and advocacy groups” who are willing to provide their services to specifically progressive candidates, including those looking to launch primary challenges to other Democrats.

The DCCC Blacklist is apparently bankrolled by the Indivisible Project, the most recent, “resistance”-based spinoff of, financed almost exclusively by progressive billionaire George Soros.

Indivisible’s political director, Maria Urbina made the official announcement for the DCCC Blacklist.

“We reject the DCCC’s attempt to hoard power, which will only serve to keep that talent pool — and Congress itself — disproportionately white and male,”she told media in a statement. “Incumbents who engage fully with their constituents shouldn’t fear primaries and shouldn’t rely on the national institutions like the DCCC to suppress challenges before voters ever have a say.”

If all this seems to demonstrate that the coalition between leftist and moderate Democrats is cracking at the seams, that’s because it is. Aside from the obvious — that any Democrat engaged in a House or Senate race in 2020 needs to watch their back, lest they be ousted in a primary by a progressive candidate — it’s clear Soros and other major leftist donors are not waiting around for the Democratic establishment to welcome far-left progressive with open arms.

They’re simply going to force recognition of progressive candidates themselves and bankroll progressive campaigns without regard for traditional Democratic institutions.

There is one flaw in the DCCC Blacklist, and that is constituents. Although Ocasio-Cortez is much beloved by the national far-left, she isn’t beloved at home in her own district where her constituents are convinced they’ve been left behind by a Representative seeking a national — not a local — stage.

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