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WaPo Publishes Piece Painting Palestinian Protesters As Young Innocents. That’s Not The Whole Story.

On Saturday, The Washington Post, in yet another example of its anti-Israel bias, published a piece titled, “Blasted Limbs, Broken Dreams,” in which it lamented the Palestinians who have been shot in the legs during the past month as Palestinians have been threatening to cross the border into Israel.

Of course, the Post quoted the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza when it came to gathering statistics; that organization claimed 17 Gazans had lost limbs after being shot by Israeli troops. And the Post’s article painted the victims as young innocents who were cruelly targeted by Israeli troops: examples included, “a lanky teenager who loves to run, a medal-winning track star with ambitions to compete abroad,” “an aspiring athlete who had hoped to break free from life in Gaza,” and one with “thick dark hair in a pompadour and has deep-set eyes that turn down in pain.”

But here’s the side of Gazans’ actions that the Post ignores:

If you needed further evidence that the Post’s sympathies lie with the Palestinians and not the Israelis who live under constant threat, try this sentence from the Post article: “Israel says its armed response has been appropriate for the threat posed by Palestinians. Israeli officials accuse the Palestinian militant group Hamas, which controls Gaza, of using civilian demonstrators as cover to ‘terrorize Israel.’”

Note the quotes around “terrorize Israel,” as if Israeli officials are making up out of whole cloth the idea of Palestinians executing terrorist attacks on Israel.

Just another example of anti-Israel bias brought to you by the MSM.

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