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Violent Rioters Set Police Station On Fire In Portland, Smash Out Windows, Attack Police
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Rioters smashed windows at a police precinct in Portland on Tuesday night and set it on fire before attacking law enforcement officers.

The Portland Police Department said that “a group of several hundred people” marched toward the Multnomah Building, which houses the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

“When the group reached the Multnomah Building, they blocked traffic” and “were seen carrying shields and wearing helmets and gas masks,” the Portland Police Department said. “Many of the group members began to vandalize the Multnomah Building with graffiti.”

Authorities said that the violent rioters torched dumpsters and started small fires outside of the building before they started to smash out the windows of the building using large rocks.

“At 10:15 p.m., members in the group started throwing ignited paper inside of the Multnomah Building in an attempt to start a fire,” the department said. “When this did not work, members of the group began spraying lighter fluid inside of the building. After spraying lighter fluid inside of the building, someone in the crowd threw a large burning object inside of the building. This action created a fire big enough to set the fire alarms and sprinkler system off inside of the building.”

Journalist Andy Ngo, who recently testified in front of the U.S. Senate on Antifa, shared videos of the attacks on Twitter, writing: “Antifa smash out windows of the Multnomah Building in Portland tonight and throw lit materials inside to set the ground floor on fire. They did this to multiple other buildings over the course of their 80+ days of terror in the city.” In another post, Ngo added, “Antifa militants are smashing the glass of the Multnomah Building using rocks. One after the other they just take turns throwing rocks.”

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office also tweeted about the attack, writing: “Portland Police has declared the gathering near the Multnomah Building a riot after individuals vandalized, repeatedly smashed first floor windows with rocks and threw burning material into an office.”

Sheriff Michael Reese added: “The unprovoked actions by those who engaged in criminal behavior is reprehensible. It is simply violence and serves no legitimate purpose. It does nothing to solve the issues our community faces.”

Law enforcement declared a riot and, as police officers were disbursing the crowd, the officers came under attack by the violent rioters as they were hit with projectiles.

“Again, Portland Police began dispersing the crowd, during the dispersal, a member of the crowd threw a rock at the sound truck. During dispersals, an officers [sic] sustained a minor injury,” the department added.

Police arrested the following individuals:

  • 23-year-old Jesse Hawk was arrested and charged with riot, interfering with a peace officer, resisting arrest, unlawful use of a weapon (two charges), assaulting a public safety officer (two charges), harassment (two charges), disorderly conduct II, and attempt escape.
  • 40-year-old Peter Curtis was arrested and charged with attempt criminal mischief I, and reckless endangering.
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