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Video: Trump Protester Loses Argument With Trump Fan, Spits On Him, Says You Can’t Hit Him Because He’s A ‘Woman’

It seems the only thing young leftists love more than free college, abortions, and legal weed, is the opportunity to scream racism when debating politics and bolster their argument not with facts and reason but with spit and cowardice.

Case in point, the clip above at a gathering in Portland, Oregon, where instead of defending his position that Trump’s a racist with a valid argument, the protestor spits in the face of the Trump supporter and then dares the man to retaliate claiming he’s a actually a woman.

The video’s description reads only: “Leftists thugs show their true communist colors at trump rally!”

In the video two Trump protestors with their faces covered by garments are debating some Trump fans on the issue of “Is Trump a racist?” One protestor holding a skateboard and wearing a red bandana and an “Oregon Students of Color Coalition” sweatshirt, argues that because ex-KKK leader David Duke endorsed The Donald that he’s a racist. When he’s asked by a Trump supporter to name one racist thing Trump’s ever said or done, it leaves him quietly fuming behind his red handkerchief.

The Trump fan continues, “How is he racist? How is he…. you sound like an idiot, how is he racist?”

“How is he racist,” the exasperated protestor pipes back having apparently never been outside of his campus bubble and experienced any pushback to his leftist worldview.

“Yeah, name one racist thing Donald Trump has said. Has he said one racist thing,” the Trump fan fires back still getting no response so he scolds the young radical, “Ok, so obviously you haven’t done your research and you’re just going along with what everyone else is saying. So go do some research and come back with some quotes, Ok?”

Seems reasonable but not to the completely devastated ego of the little man, who then pulls his mask down and forcefully spits a loogie in the face of the Trump fan.

To top it off, when the Trump fan yells “Hey this dude just spit on my face,” the skater punk pulls his mask down again to say, “I’m a tranny. I’m tranny. So go ahead, touch a woman. TOUCH A WOMAN. TOUCH A WOMAN!”

That’s right. He’s a “woman.” And after assaulting an actual man who is bigger than him he then, under no actual threat of violence, dares the man to hit him so he can then accuse him of hitting a woman.

Then an actual woman approaches the “tranny,” and asks, “Do you go by female pronouns?”

“Yes,” the spitter says.

“She’s goes by female pronouns. Don’t call her a him,” the woman says to the assaulted Trump fan.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Exit thoughts from the video’s comment section:

One commenter writes…

Step one: be a male

Step two: try to act tough infront of other males

Step three: lose, so get pissed and spit in their face



Another writes, ‘Well guess what bitch, I’m a female for the next 5 seconds’ PUNCH”

And finally, a fed-up liberal has had enough…

It’s this sort of cowardice and intellectual laziness that has turned me, a lifelong liberal, against liberal culture.

Liberalism used to stand for compassion and doing the right thing. I know many here would disagree with me on that. In my view, there have always been bad apples but the heart of the ideology was good.

If Trump is defined by those who endorse him, what do videos like this say about Sanders? I think Sanders is a good man, but according to the logic of people like this ‘trannies can’t be held accountable for their actions’ loser, Bernie is… well, I don’t even want to say.

I’m very anti-PC, but ‘tranny’ is an offensive term to people who really care about that sort of thing. So what you have here isn’t a transexual, but a sissy who wants to fight but without being hit. It’s nothing but an excuse to get away with anything and everything.

I wish this DUDE was the odd man out. But he isn’t. Not at all.

Liberal culture is now characterized by victimhood, cowardly sniping, gossip, lies, and a complete lack of accountability.

Unfortunately, electing Trump won’t shut these idiots down; it will make them stronger. Liberal white kids are dying to be oppressed. And the media and weaker people in positions of power bow before any accusation.

The only way to stop these idiots is for everyone to man the fuck up and publicly call people out on their bullshit: on all fronts, in every venue, we must use dispassionate logic in the face of emotional unreason. Perhaps witnesses will recognize the hypocrisy. The little bitches find strength in numbers. They’re too weak to stand on their own. We must respond in kind: en mass. But not like them. Like MEN.

Nothing is more hurtful and offensive than a man who isn’t perturbed in the slightest by a whiny little bitch.

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