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Video Shows Possible Jihadists Open Fire On Canadian Night Club, Liberal Media and Govt Refuse to Call Them Muslims

Four men drove up to the Ten X night club in Calgary, Canada, at 1:30 Sunday morning and opened fire on the unsuspecting patrons inside. Two bouncers acted quickly and subdued the perpetrators until cops arrived. The raw video above shows the violent act and the heroism by the bouncers as it happened.

Mohamed Elmi, 31, and Mohamed Salad, 29 have been charged with attempted murder, unauthorized possession of a firearm, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm with an altered or defaced serial number.

One of the two other men in the car was arrested while the other is still at large.

Multiple rounds were fired into the building, sending one person to the hospital with serious injuries to his chest. A few more shots were fired during the struggle on the ground but luckily no one was hurt.

Eyewitness, Spencer Wallace, who was also working that night, gives his eyewitness account below:

“Canadian media has been careful not to make any link between the suspects named and their religion,” reports Breitbart London. “The word ‘jihad’ is conspicuously absent in media coverage, something that is irritating social media users who are openly speculating whether or not they have been banned from making any connection with radical Islam.”

Many are speaking out via Twitter:

Some are also pointing to the fact that just last month Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was telling Global News that Canada won’t bomb ISIS even if they are attacked.

Good luck with your new Obama, Canada. You’re gonna need it.