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VIDEO: Shapiro Decimates Hillary For Email Scandal

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro has released a new attack video targeting Hillary Clinton titled, “5 Things You Need to Know About Hillary’s Email Server.” with the constant swirl of news surrounding the scandal, Shapiro clearly delineates why Clinton’s actions dealing with her email server render her not only unfit to be president of the United States, but also liable to criminal prosecution.

Shapiro starts with the fact that Clinton set up a private email server to hide her emails. He chronicles the sequence of events, starting with origination of the private email server eight days before she was sworn in as Secretary of State, then notes that her actions prevented the government from having access to her emails and wouldn’t preserve her emails. He adds that classified information would absolutely have to pass on to her server, and despite Clinton’s claim that there was precedent for her to use a private email server as Secretary of State, no other Secretary of State had done so. Shapiro succinctly notes, “There’s only one reason to set up a private server instead of using a government one: to hide things from the government and from discovery.”

The second item on Shapiro’s list is that the server itself was not secure, as he points out that the server was less secure than a normal Gmail account, making it ripe for the plucking by foreign entities. He asks, “How many missions failed because our enemies knew about our agents abroad? How many negotiations went sideways because our enemies knew our positions? How many of our brave intelligence officers had their lives put at risk because our enemies knew their identities?”

Thirdly, Shapiro notes, Clinton’s lawyers destroyed the server, including emails that had not been handed over to the FBI. Pointing out that Clinton said she wasn’t trying to hide anything, he notes sardonically, “She merely had her lawyers delete and fully destroy thirty-thousand emails she didn’t want to turn over to the State Department.” Recalling that Clinton said the emails were about innocuous things like yoga and her daughter Chelsea’s wedding, Shapiro says bluntly, “The FBI just said that at least thirty of those deleted emails were about Benghazi. So unless she was doing yoga in Benghazi, she was lying about the emails she destroyed. It’s likely the emails concern the corrupt relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the Hillary State Department.”

The fourth item on Shapiro’s list: “Hillary never stops lying about any of this.” He catalogs a few: Lie #1: she said she used only one email address because she wanted to use only one device; she used more than one device and more than one email address. Lie #2: she said she complied with the FBI; she didn’t. Lie #3: She said the server was secure: it wasn’t. Lie #4: She said she complied with State Department regulation: she didn’t. Lie #5: She said she never sent or received any classified information; untrue. Lie #6: She said she was never subpoenaed; she was. Lie #7: She said she turned over all of her work-related emails: she didn’t.

Finally, the fifth point: “The FBI basically called her a criminal … they said she was extremely careless with classified material and admitted there is evidence of potential violation of the statute. That means she violated federal law, which carries severe penalties for gross negligence in the handling of classified material — for us normal, non-Hillary people.”

Shapiro sums up: “So what’s the takeaway? Hillary is paranoid. Her paranoia means she was willing to break the law and expose America’s national security information to our enemies just to avoid people knowing whatever it was she was doing behind closed doors. That’s not really a shock; Hillary has spent her entire enmeshed in corruption, but her email server scandal does demonstrate that she plans her corruption in advance and she doesn’t care if American lives are put at risk. All that matters to Hillary Clinton is that she is protected from public scrutiny.”

Video below:

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