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Video: The ‘Princess Bride’-ing of the 2016 Election

Some people would describe this election season as “inconceivable,” and for those folks, the internet has provided a wonderful video to play for their therapists while explaining the sleepless nights they’ve had since Crooked Queen Hillary was officially dethroned.

In the clip (below), “The 2016 Election Gets Princess Brided,” Donald Trump is hilariously intercut into the modern classic fairytale film.

Hillary Clinton barking as a “Rodent Of Unusual Size” may get missed on first viewing, but it’s possibly the highlight of the entire video.

This isn’t the first time the treasure trove of Trump audio clips has been mined for internet gold. Last December The Donald was dubbed over Darth Vader in a viral video below that has over 4.7 million hits on YouTube alone.

Exit thought for the Left:

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