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Video of Perry Saying ‘No Walls, No Borders’ Pulled From YouTube

By  Hank Berrien

After The Daily Wire published a widely-read piece on Tuesday regarding Katy Perry’s response to the Manchester massacre on the Elvis Duran Show, accompanied by the video of Perry and Duran, the video was pulled from YouTube. But another video on YouTube, from KatyPerryDaily Net, featuring the audio of the entire interview, still existed as of Wednesday morning:

​Perry’s remarks, which included her advice to “Just unite and love on each other and like, no barriers, no borders, like we all need to just co-exist,” were not a surprise to those familiar with the vapid exhortations of the pop-star set, but in the immediate aftermath of the massacre and the stories of children blown apart by a nail-bomb, came across as enormously offensive, coupled with the dialogue between her and Duran which seemingly focused on the importance of Perry’s concerts.

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