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VIDEO: Ohio Sheriff Blasts Celebrities Who Say They’ll Leave If Trump Wins

"Hell, I’ll Even Help Them Pack"
Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones is photographed during an interview at the Butler County Sheriffs Office on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, in Hamilton, OH.
Salwan Georges/The Washington Post via Getty Images

This week, the Sheriff of Butler County, Ohio, released a video in which he blasted celebrities and other noteworthy citizens who have stated they would leave the country if President Trump is reelected, also stating in a post on Facebook that he “would like to extend an invitation to put money towards a one-way ticket for any celebrity. … Hell, I’ll even help them pack.”

Sheriff Richard Jones stated on the video that those people should go ahead and leave, saying, “These are mostly the same people that don’t like the police; they don’t like first responders … I would be willing to throw in ten dollars to a special fund to help get you a flight or whatever it takes.”

Jones began: “How’s everybody doing today. My name is Rick Jones; I’m the Butler County Sheriff here in Ohio. We’ve been asked by many people about the celebrities that are coming out, movie stars, sports figures, people that live in our country that say they’re going to leave if President Trump gets elected.”

“And they’re going to leave this country; they’re embarrassed for the county; they’re ashamed of their country, and I thought I would address these issues today, as your sheriff,” Jones explained.

“These are mostly the same people that don’t like the police; they don’t like first responders; so I feel obligated to make a response to that: “Good for you. I hope you do leave, and if there’s any way that I can help, I’m not a rich person, but I would be willing to throw in ten dollars to a special fund to help get you a flight or whatever it takes, a ship ride to whatever country of your choice, and maybe you can make a better life there in that country,” Jones offered.

“This is the greatest country in the world to live, regardless of who the president is. You don’t always get to choose the winner that you vote for, but it’s the greatest country in the world to live. We have great police; we have great first responders, but these people are trying to tear down our country and talk about it. These other countries look at us as, ‘What’s up?’” Jones continued.

Jones noted that he had heard the threats about leaving before: “So here’s what I’m doing: Again, the last election, the ones that promised, never left. I think they told us a lie. So this time, the others that are going to leave, the ‘special people,’ I call them; I hope you all the luck, and good for you, but most of you can afford to leave. But if I put in ten dollars to help get you a ticket out of here, the rule is you can’t come back. You have to stay there and make a better life for yourself. And hopefully you get along with that country that you choose.”

He concluded, “So I want to relay that message. Again, greatest country in the world no matter who the president is. This isn’t a presidential issue; this is a United States issue. And I love my country and I put my hand over my heart when they play the national anthem and I stand. Those of you who don’t like it, leave. Pretty simple. And again, I will help fund that trip. You just can’t come back. Thank you and God bless all of you.”

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