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Video: Native American Girls Trash Thanksgiving For Teen Vogue

By  Chase

Teen Vogue, a magazine that deems itself a source of “Fashion, Beauty, and Entertainment News for Teens,” released a video of Native American teen girls shaming Americans for celebrating Thanksgiving.

In the clip (below), which is part of the magazine’s series #AskaNativeAmericanGirl, six teens sit at a table lined with traditional holiday fare.

“Happy Thanksgiving, America, I’m Donna, and I’m here with my friends to tell you the real history behind this holiday,” the first girl says in an deadpan tone that her friends duplicate throughout the segment.

The girls continue:

Growing up I knew that what they told you in school about Thanksgiving wasn’t true. That’s not the true story The true story was after every killing of a whole village these European settlers celebrated it and they called it Thanksgiving. But it wasn’t until Abraham Lincoln that it became an official holiday. He ordered 38 Dakota men to be hung for war crimes after the sacred holiday Christmas.

We take this time to remember our elders who lost their lives due to what really happened… Growing up I would be kind of annoyed that they didn’t know what actually happened on Thanksgiving and that they are actually celebrating the deaths of many people and many tribes that were lost.

The video closes with the girls saying what they’re thankful for:

I’m thankful that I was born indigenous to this continent.

I’m thankful that I still have my culture.

I’m thankful that my elders kept our culture alive all these years.

I’m thankful to be indigenous, resilient, and alive.

I’m for us all to be able to stand together, stand strong, and stand as one.

Then, to punctuate their disdain for the national holiday, the girls flip over the table.

Exit video from our own Ben Shapiro who explains “The Truth About Thanksgiving”:

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