VIDEO: McInnes on Clock-Bomb Hoax: ‘Guess What D*ckheads, You Committed Fraud!’

Rebel Media’s Gavin McInnes is a man of many talents. Not only can he teach you how to urinate in public without getting caught, or more importantly, how to fight a baby, he will “enter-teach” you with his endless supply of characters à la Mike Myers, thus keeping you “entertained” as he “teaches” you how to ridicule the self-righteous liberal in his natural habitat.

This time McInnes is fired-up over the Left’s reaction to the Texas high school student who, based on the media’s narrative, invented a clock, brought it to school for show-and-tell, and was immediately thrown into Guantanamo.

Well, it turns out, unless the facts are dumped by Dexter, they have a tricky way of floating to the surface. Here’s Captain McInnes and his barge of truth bringing the frustration and the lols…

(Warning: Strong Language)

For an extra dose of Gavin, this time responding to the INTERNET OUTRAGE regarding his How To Fight A Baby video, click below for both…

McInnes is right about disciplining babies. If we’ve learned anything from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome other than you can’t trust Tina Turner, it’s that once you give a baby a suit of armor, the ability to control the electricity of a town, and name him Master Blaster, you’re flat-out asking for problems.