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Video Clearly Shows What Liberals Actually Think About Black People

Filmmaker and journalist Ami Horowitz took to the streets of Berkeley, California to find out exactly what liberals think about black people. Spoiler alert: they think an entire group of people, based on their skin color, is incapable of doing the minimum of tasks required to live in a civilized society.

Horowitz then traveled to Harlem, New York and asked black people if any of these white liberal’s assumptions were correct.

Click below for the cringe-worthy footage:

In the clip, which Horowitz produced for the Fox News segement, “Ami On The Street,” titled, the host asks white people about voter ID laws. Most responded that voter ID laws are a bad idea and blatantly racist. Horowitz then asks why they consider the laws to be racist and the answers are indeed full of cringeful moments.

“Because they’re less likely to have state ID’s,” one man says, while another pipes up, “Minority voters are less likely to have the kinds of ID’s that have been described or required.” Another man replies, “These type of people don’t live in areas with easy access to DMVs or other places where they can get identification.”

The liberals continue that black people don’t have access to the DMV, or the internet, and “don’t have the knowledge” to go online and get a valid I.D. for themselves. One woman said that most black people are convicted felons.

When Horowitz gets to Harlem, his interviewees are dumfounded at what these white liberals assume about them.

“Ignorant. Very very ignorant,” one black woman tells the reporter, while another says, “Yea, I think it’s a little racist because you’re putting people in a category and you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Yup, that about sums it up. Nanny-state liberal elitism = ignorant, racist, and clueless.

Exit thought from Thomas Sowell:

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