Video Captures Another Norfolk Southern Train Derailment In Ohio, Report Says
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A train that derailed in Springfield, Ohio, over the weekend belongs to Norfolk Southern, the same train company responsible for the toxic train derailment in East Palestine last month.

Local media reported that the company claimed that 20 cars out of the 212-car train derailed while traveling through the town. The company claimed that no one was hurt and that no toxic chemicals were involved.

“The Clark County Emergency Management Agency is asking residents within 1,000 feet of a train derailment at Ohio 41 near the Prime Ohio Business Park to shelter-in-place out of an abundance of caution,” Clark County said on social media. “We ask that all residents in need of travel to Ohio 41 find alternate routes. Local and state officials are on scene, including the Springfield Fire Rescue Division and the Springfield Police Department.”

“We’re also aware of power outages in the area due to downed power lines,” the statement added. “We’re working to gather more details and will provide more information as it becomes available.”

The train derailment in Springfield comes one month after East Palestine, which is on the other side of the state, experienced a catastrophic train derailment that was caused by an overheated wheel bearing on the 23rd of 149 rail cars. Local officials subsequently evacuated all residents within one mile of the accident and started a controlled burn of the vinyl chloride that the train was transporting in an effort to prevent a massive explosion from occurring.

Vinyl chloride, a known human carcinogen used to manufacture PVC, was emitted from five train cars in the form of massive plumes of black smoke visible throughout eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

Researchers from Texas A&M and Carnegie Mellon said on Friday that nine of the approximately 50 chemicals that the EPA said were present on the derailed train have higher concentrations than normal in East Palestine. They were especially concerned with above-normal levels of acrolein, a substance with a pungent odor that is “highly toxic” when inhaled, according to a report from the CDC.


Other chemicals charted at abnormally high levels included benzene, naphthalene, and vinyl chloride. “If these levels continue, they may be of health concern,” the analysis said.

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