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Video: Armed Carjacker Robs Woman, Then Has The Nerve To Ask For Her Help

When choosing a life of crime, it’s probably worth spending a little time on the fundamentals of your craft. If bank robbing is your gig, knowing how banks operate is essential. If carjacking is your trade, you may want to KNOW HOW CARS WORK.

Case in point, surveillance video (below) shows a man who immediately upon robbing a victim of her belongings with the intention of taking her car, somehow does not know how to actually turn the vehicle on.

Kentrell Dabney, 20, is seen pretending to be on the phone outside of a Shell Gas Station in Atlanta, Georgia on July 25. As his victim approaches her car, Dabney drops his phone routine and pulls a gun out of his pocket which he then points at the woman’s head. He proceeds to take her cell phone, wallet and even the drink she just purchased from the convenience store. The woman then walks away as Dabney gets into the driver’s seat to leave, but after realizing he has no idea how to start the car, police said he beckoned the victim back over to show him how the push-start-button ignition works.

With the vehicle finally running, the idiot criminal eventually made his getaway:

According to Fox5:

Police said Dabney (mug shot below) turned himself into authorities on Monday after investigators said the release of the video netted several tips.

Dabney made his first appearance on Tuesday on charges of hijacking a motor vehicle. He will remain in jail until his next court appearance on August 22.

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