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Video: Anti-Trump Rioters Bash Pregnant Woman’s Car Trapping Her Inside

A violent mob of crybaby #NotMyPresident protestors in Portland attacked an innocent pregnant woman trying to get to the hospital.

The KGW News cameras were there to capture the whole thing. According to the reporter in the video (below), the woman was on her way to an emergency when the Leftist thug crowd surrounded her SUV stopping it in its tracks.

One of the many “peaceful” protestors bashed the woman’s windshield with his bat while another slammed, sliced, and beat on the vehicle all while she was trapped inside, desperate for help.

Unbelievably, the video ends with rioters still surrounding the woman in her vehicle as the reporter and his cameraman walk away, leaving the mother waiting for rescue.

The Twitterverse reacted accordingly:

And where are our celebrated “moral betters” to weigh in on this?

Even better, It seems these crowds of fired-up protestors weren’t actually fired-up enough to go and vote:

You can’t make it up.