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U.S. Senator, A Descendant Of Pocahontas, Doesn’t Want To Tell Elizabeth Warren!

Elizabeth Warren, a senator from Massachusetts, repeatedly claimed she is Native American.

Before she took Sen. Ted Kennedy’s old seat, Warren “self-identified” as a minority, checking the box whenever she applied for a job. And Harvard Law School, which was facing criticism for a lack of faculty diversity, hired her, even touting her as an American Indian.

She isn’t, of course, but the people of Massachusetts apparently don’t mind her lying to get ahead.

President Trump took great joy in calling Warren, a tireless critic, “Pocahontas.” He mocked her fake Indian status at every turn. “Massachusetts is represented by Pocahontas, right? Right?” he said to laughter and applause at one campaign stop.

But it turns out that the Senate does have a woman who is part Native American — and even a direct descendant of Pocahontas!

During an interview with CNN, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH), was asked about the subject by Dana Bash.

“Can you confirm for me that you are a direct descendant of Pocahontas?”

“I can,” Shaheen said. “And I actually have the family tree to show that.”

So Bash dug deeper. “Have you thought about bringing this to the president?”

“No,” Shaheen said with a laugh.

“Have you told Elizabeth Warren?”

With a smile, Shaheen said: “It’s kind of a sensitive topic, so, probably not.”