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U.S. Olympic Curling Team Captain Absolutely Scorches Actress Kirstie Alley When She Calls Game ‘Boring’

By  Joseph

It all started when B-list actress Kirstie Alley posted a whiny tweet on Twitter.

Now, before we proceed, curling can be boring, but in the way that baseball is boring. Or soccer. Or golf. For people who don’t know the ins and outs of the sport, actually, any game is kinda’ boring. A lot of people don’t enjoy a 0-0 tie in soccer, or a 12-inning baseball game with one hit.

And that’s . . . OK.

But for those who know the sport, even the smallest part is fascinating. As a golfer, I have of late been watching PGA pros to see what their pre-shot routine is. Boring to lots, enthralling to me. And speaking of golf, curling is like putting and billiards, combined. Curlers bend the “stone” by imparting spin on it, and sweepers can increase or decrease that spin. And like pool, curlers must envision how each stone will bounce off every other, making the game what some call “chess on ice.”

Also worth pointing out is that curling is one of the most accessible games out there because it doesn’t require great athletic ability. In fact, the game is played in hundreds of clubs across the U.S., often the way bowling is: with a pitcher of beer, and maybe an order of fries on the side. On the other hand, America’s best curlers are truly athletes in a highly competitive sport.

So Team USA decided to reply to Alley’s unwarranted complaint.

Zing! Burn! Shot rock!

That message came from Team USA’s John Shuster, 35, who first competed at the Torino winter games back in 2006, winning bronze.

Alley, 67, who starred in “Cheers” in the 1980s, fired back Tuesday morning.

“Another day to try and be as ‘sensitive’ as possible to not offend anyone anywhere anytime… about anything .. lmfao .. GOOD LUCK,” she tweeted.

Needless to say, America sided with Team USA instead of Hollywood.

Which brings us to the veracity of Team USA’s tweet.

Alley did star in “Shoot to Kill,” which has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. But that was in 1988, 30 years ago. She also starred in “Accidental Love” (14%), “Look Who’s Talking Too” (15%), “For Richer or Poorer” (8%), and “Look Who’s Talking now” (which actually has a RT rating of 0%).

While Team USA has yet to play its final games, we’re going to go ahead and call it: We hereby award America’s curling squad a gold medal for Best Tweet of the 2018 Olympics.

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