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University of California Chancellor Janet Napolitano Snipes At Ben Shapiro

On Monday, Janet Napolitano, who served as Secretary of Homeland Security under Barack Obama, then resigned to become president of the University of California system, apparently felt the need to take a rip at Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro. She therefore sniped this bit of detritus with regard to the fact that the city of Berkeley had to spend $600,000 to make the city safe when Shapiro spoke at UC Berkeley last summer:

Why, is that criticism coming from the same woman, that model of integrity, whose office was found by the California state auditor to have failed to disclose over $100 million dollars and engaged in misleading budget practices? The same woman against whom the University of California took disciplinary action because she approved a plan that pressured the ten UC campuses to alter their survey responses about Napolitano’s administration from negative responses to positive ones?

Why, that’s the kind of woman whose moral rectitude should give us all pause when she speaks.

Shapiro has written eight books, graduated cum laude from Harvard Law at 23 (during which time he wrote two of the books) and has established a reputation as a formidable debater. Twitter chimed in: