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UN Demands More Money And Open Borders For (Muslim) Refugees

Requesting open-ended and unconditional funding from American taxpayers for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees where she is second in command, Kelly Clements framed her agency’s work as an essential “humanitarian” endeavor in the international arena. Speaking before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Monday, her requests and recommendations were virtually unchallenged by any senators, either Republican or Democrat.

Warning against policy changes to restrict the entrance of Muslim or other refugees and immigrants into America, Clements described such proposed or implemented measures as an “attack” on the security of migrants she claims her agency serves.

“We are witnessing today an unprecedented attack on the ability of uprooted individuals and families to find protection from harm,” said Clements, indirectly referencing Donald Trump and Senator Ted Cruz. “In some cases, particularly in industrialized countries, this attack takes the form of policies that prevent or discourage asylum seekers from accessing protection. In other cases we see closure of borders, making it nearly impossible for persons fleeing persecution and violence to find safety in neighboring countries.”

Using “industrialized countries” as a euphemism for Western Europe and the broader West, Clements ignored that such states are not neighbors of Syria or other failed Muslim-majority states currently hemorrhaging its residents.

Refusing to acknowledge the overlap between Muslims and Islamic terrorism, Clements mischaracterized dissident positions as opposing the admission of all refugees. Without explanation, she wrote off all security implications pertaining to the bringing in of Muslims as refugees and immigrants.

“The current attacks on the refugee protection system, fueled in part by an unjustified link between refugees and terrorists, often fail to recognize that refugees are the victims, and not the perpetrators of violence and extremism. National security goals are in no way at odds with refugee protection,” said Clements.

No mention was made of varying degrees of cultural cohesion between refugees and host societies as a function of varying cultural backgrounds. Also ignored were alternative proposals to resettle refugees – Muslims or otherwise – in safe regions with greater cultural commonalities than in America or the broader West.

Demanding that America and prosperous states and nations not take into account the culture of refugees and prospective immigrants, Clements opposed “discriminatory” policies towards those ends.

“Within this climate, it is all the more essential to ensure non-discriminatory access to quality asylum and protection. While taking legitimate steps to ensure their own security, countries should not slam their borders shut to those who are themselves the victims of violence, persecution, and often terrorism,” said Clements.

No mention was made of alternative routes for refugees and migrants from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, or Somalia that do not lead to Europe, America, or the broader Anglosphere.

Clements also claimed that the open borders framework she advocates for somehow serves the interest of combating Islamic terrorism.

Claiming that her agency and the broader international network of groups ostensibly aiding refugees was underfunded, Clements complained of having to make difficult decisions between what she described were the “needs” of her agency’s claimed beneficiaries.

“The humanitarian system at large is faced with a critical humanitarian and financial dilemma,” read Clements from a prepared statement. “The funds available for humanitarian aid are not keeping up with the rapidly expanding needs. UNHCR continues to make very difficult choices. Our programs in Africa, for example, are at a breaking point.”

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