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UGLY: Columbia University Prof Says Every Treacherous And Evil Act Comes From Israel

By  Hank

On Tuesday, a rabidly anti-Semitic Iranian professor at Columbia University decided to leave no doubt about the depth of his anti-Semitism on Tuesday, tweeting that every evil act in the world was connected to the state of Israel:

Dabashi was responding to a story about a private investigative agency that was allegedly hired by opponents of the Iran nuclear deal to gather information regarding Ben Rhodes, the Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications for former president Barack Obama, who famously admitted that he had lied and created a false story so that the deal would go through.

According to The New York Times, the agency, Black Cube, was “established by former intelligence analysts from the Israel Defense Forces.”

That was enough for Dabashi to fulminate his full-throated hatred on social media. As if that tweet weren’t enough, he followed with this:

And if that weren’t enough, here is what he posted on Facebook on May 2, attacking Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as well as American Jews and the governments of Saudi Arabia and India:

This ridiculous man, this notorious, corrupt, criminally insane creature, this laughing stock of every decent civilized human being on planet earth, this pathetic pathological liar, this vulgar vicious charlatan, this settler colonialist racist thug, this war criminal, this leading perpetrator of crimes against humanity, this nightmare who needs to be put in a straight jacket and chained to a cage in an asylum house or a zoo . . . is the democratically elected “Prime Minister” of the racist apartheid state of Israel, the man Israelis have freely elected as their chief political representative, the man whose pernicious gibberish and flat lies instigating for death and destruction of a sovereign nation every major venue in “Western media” prominently featured . . . he is the crowning achievement of “Western liberal democracy” on the last colonial fortress and garrison state of their Enlightenment Modernity — but don’t think him alone — he has countless treacherous American (AIPAC) , Iranian (MEK), Arab (the Saudi clan), Indian (BJP) . . . Lookalikes and admirers —

That this rabid hater of Jews and America teaches at Columbia University is hardly surprising: this is the same university that invited Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who spoke of eradicating the state of Israel, to speak in 2007.

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