Tyson Foods CFO Pleads Not Guilty To Public Intoxication, Trespassing Charges
Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for Concordia Summi

Tyson Foods CFO John Tyson pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of criminal trespass and public intoxication after authorities arrested him last month in Arkansas.

Tyson, 32, who is the great-grandson of the meat company founder, has been accused of drunkenly walking inside a woman’s house through an unlocked door and later passing out in her bed on November 6 around 2:00 a.m.

Fayetteville police bodycam footage obtained by TMZ showed officers attempting to wake up Tyson, who had fallen asleep in a woman’s bed who thought her home had been burglarized, according to police reports.

“A college-age female was very alarmed that a male who she did not know was inside of her residence uninvited,” the police report said.

When authorities tried to wake Tyson from his drunken slumber, police reported they attempted to speak with him but did not get a verbal response. Instead, Tyson sat up and almost immediately laid back down, trying to fall asleep again.

Authorities reported an odor of alcohol on Tyson’s breath and said that he moved in a “sluggish and uncoordinated” manner.

Authorities identified Tyson with his driver’s license and arrested him. He was released on bond later the same morning.

Tyson has since apologized twice for his actions, saying it doesn’t reflect his or the company’s values, The Wall Street Journal reported.

“I’m embarrassed, and I want to let you know that I take full responsibility for my actions,” Tyson said during a call last month, according to The Wall Street Journal. “I am committed to making sure that this never happens again.”

Tyson said he would seek counseling for his alcohol consumption.

Tyson joined the company’s executive team in 2019. He was appointed chief financial officer in September.

The New York Post reported the latest annual filing for Tyson Foods shows the Tyson family holds an approximate 71% voting stake in the company.

His arrest comes after a former Tyson Foods executive was charged with biting a man’s nose during a fight in September.

Doug Ramsey, now the chief operating officer for Beyond Meat, was charged with felony battery and making a terroristic threat after a September 17 fight in a parking garage at the University of Arkansas.

According to a police report, Ramsey, 53, exited his vehicle, punched through the rear windshield of another car, and assaulted the driver until he eventually bit the tip of the other driver’s nose and tore off some of the flesh.

Tyson Foods has declined to comment to media outlets.

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