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Two Cameras Outside Jeffrey Epstein’s Cell ‘Malfunctioned,’ FBI Crime Lab Examining

By  Ryan Saavedra
Jeffrey Epstein
Neil Rasmus/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Two cameras that were located outside convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s jail cell in New York, where he was awaiting trial in his sex trafficking case, reportedly “malfunctioned” and have been sent to the FBI for examination.

“The cameras were sent to Quantico, Virginia, site of a major FBI crime lab where agents and forensic scientists analyze evidence,” Reuters reported. “The Washington Post reported on Monday that at least one camera in the hallway outside Epstein’s cell had footage that was unusable. The newspaper said there was other usable footage captured in the area.”

Reuters added that “Epstein’s lawyers Reid Weingarten and Martin Weinberg told U.S. District Judge Richard Berman in Manhattan on Tuesday they had doubts about the New York City chief medical examiner’s conclusion that their client killed himself.”

This latest development comes after the medical examiner reportedly concluded in an autopsy report that Epstein had committed suicide.

“The convicted pedophile, who was 6 feet tall, apparently killed himself by kneeling toward the floor and strangling himself with the makeshift noose, a law enforcement source said Monday,” the New York Post reported earlier this month. “Epstein was ‘unresponsive’ when he was discovered in his cell in the Special Housing Unit of the Metropolitan Correctional Center around 6:30 a.m. on Saturday, the federal Bureau of Prisons has said.”

A few days later, Dr. Marc Siegel told Fox News that the recent revelation that Epstein had certain broken bones in his neck made it more likely that his death was a homicide and not a suicide, based on statistics.

“The hyoid bone in the neck being fractured and other fractures in the neck, make it more likely, and again, this is a percentage call, more likely that it was a homicide than a suicide,” Siegel, a Professor of Medicine at New York University School of Medicine, told Fox News. “It can either be a suicide or a homicide still … I am now more suspicious than ever that this could be a homicide. That answer is going to come to us because if someone attacked, you see signs of the attack on the body … It hasn’t been released yet. I’m waiting to see that.”

“If someone holds you down and strangles you, you see evidence on the body — bruises,” Siegel continued. “The other question that has come up … is about the suicide watch situation which is shocking to me as a physician who has dealt with severely depressed and suicidal patients.”

“Six days on a suicide watch, prison officials reportedly removed it. Prison officials, guided by who? What self-respecting psychiatrist would say, ‘okay, he’s no longer suicidal,'” Siegel concluded. “There was evidence on July 23rd that he may have done something to his neck, or someone did … suddenly six days later he waves his hand, says he’s fine, and he’s put in an area where ultimately he’s unobserved — because as you know, people fall asleep and they falsify records reportedly.”

A series of events that took place surrounding Epstein’s death has fueled conspiracy theories online. Among the events are: Epstein being taken off of suicide watch days after he was believed to have attempted suicide, his cellmate being transferred out of the cell hours before he allegedly killed himself, and the prison guards falling asleep for hours while he killed himself and then subsequently lying about it on official records.

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