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Twitter Reverses Ban On Conservative Radio Host After Backlash

By  Ryan Saavedra

Twitter reversed its permanent ban on conservative radio host Jesse Kelly on Tuesday after the platform received substantial backlash over its initial decision.

“The account was temporarily suspended for violating the Twitter Rules and has been reinstated,” a Twitter spokesperson told The Daily Wire. “We have communicated directly with the account owner.”

Kelly was suspended on Sunday for undisclosed violations of Twitter rules, which sparked immediate backlash on the platform from noteworthy accounts across the political spectrum.

Kelly’s suspension had sparked reaction from at least two U.S. Senators, Ben Sasse (R-NE) and Senator-elect Josh Hawley (R-MO).

“Twitter recently banned a Marine vet & conservative pundit, Jesse Kelly, without explanation,” Hawley tweeted. “This follows Twitter’s ban of Canadian feminist Megan Murphy for her speech. @jack told Congress Twitter doesn’t target political speech. Is that true?”

“The new Congress needs to investigate and find out,” Hawley continued. “Twitter is exempt from liability as a ‘publisher’ because it is allegedly ‘a forum for a true diversity of political discourse.’ That does not appear to be accurate.”

“Jesse Kelly can’t stand me. And I think his tribal war scalping stuff is stupid and wrong,” Sasse tweeted. “But that doesn’t matter much compared to the bigger picture here: The trend of de-platforming and shutting down speech is a bad precedent for our free speech society.”

“The American answer to speech you don’t like is more speech — not less speech,” Sasse later added.

Twitter’s decision to reverse its initial ruling comes after The Federalist’s Sean Davis reported on Tuesday that Congress was reviewing testimony given by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey:

A top House committee that oversees the U.S. telecommunications industry is now reviewing whether Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey lied to Congress during a hearing about Twitter’s controversial history of arbitrarily censoring content published by the site, an aide for the House Energy and Commerce committee told The Federalist…

…As The Federalist reported on Monday, Dorsey was not truthful about his or his company’s response to death threats against prominent conservatives — including against Meghan McCain shortly after the death of her father, former Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) — nor was he truthful about whether Twitter policies discriminated against users based on their politics. It is a federal crime to provide false testimony to Congress.

Following the news of Kelly’s account being restored, Hawley tweeted: “Good. Now I look forward to @jack’s full explanation, and how Twitter’s recent actions fit with his testimony to Congress. Under oath. Scrutiny needed here.”

Davis later weighed in on Twitter’s decision to reverse Kelly’s ban, calling the platform’s statement a lie:

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