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Twitter Leftists Attack Chris Pratt For Offering Thoughts And Prayers To Ailing Kevin Smith

“Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World” star Chris Pratt found himself under attack Monday after tweeting his “thoughts and prayers” to director Kevin Smith, who narrowly survived a massive heart attack over the weekend.

Pratt, who has spoken openly about his faith before, reached out to Smith on the social media network to say that he was “praying his ass off” because he believes in the “healing power of prayer.”

The sentiment didn’t sit well with Twitter leftists — and especially Twitter atheists — who have been critical of the concept of offering “thoughts of prayers” in the wake of an accident or tragedy since the shooting in Parkland, Florida, several weeks ago. Many have been openly hostile to lawmakers who tweet about their faith in the wake of such incidents, on the theory that those who pray aren’t moved to any further action (and because they fail to consider that prayer, itself, is an action).

Pratt’s critics were no less antagonistic, lashing out at the actor and suggesting that he stop believing in “sky fairies” and a “flying spaghetti monster,” and believe instead in the power of modern medicine — as if faith and science were mutually exclusive.

After noticing the outpouring of hate, “Guardians” director James Gunn jumped to Pratt’s defense, explaining to the Twitter mob that Chris wasn’t suggesting Kevin Smith not receive medical treatment for what is clearly a very serious issue, but that Chris believed faith and prayer can aid, comfort, and provide hope to those in difficult situations.

“But no one expects Chris Pratt to shoulder doctors out of the way and perform heart surgery on Kevin Smith,” he continued. “Nor does Kevin need Chris to pay his medical bills. So I think his prayers are appreciated, and about all he can do. I’m not tweeting this to defend Chris — he’s a big boy and can take care of himself. But for me, personally, prayer and meditation are great boons to my life and help me navigate my way through this world, and I don’t want to dissuade others who find those things useful.”

Gunn even went on to explain to Twitter leftists that Pratt’s situation was different, even, from those who critiqued lawmakers in the wake of the Parkland shooting, for their tweeted “thoughts and prayers” (though in that case, many of the same lawmakers received ire largely because they disagreed with many celebrities on the subject of gun rights).

Kevin Smith, meanwhile, is recovering, though he tweeted that he narrowly avoided death. “After the first show this evening, I had a massive heart attack,” Smith said. “The Doctor who saved my life told me I had 100% blockage of my LAD artery (aka ‘the Widow-Maker’).”

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