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Trump’s Actions Reduce Iran’s Boasting To Begging Europe For Help

Iran, reduced to begging after the Trump administration walked away from the disastrous nuclear deal in May, issued a warning to European nations that if they don’t play ball by November 4, Iran will opt out of the nuclear deal itself.

On November 4, the U.S. is scheduled to impose sanctions on Iran’s vital oil industry.

On Tuesday, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi said on state television that Iran had “clearly announced” to European nations that if its “main interests” in the nuclear deal are not addressed, “staying in the deal will not benefit us anymore. They have a deadline of Nov. 4 and from then on, any action by them would be useless.” Araghchi importuned, “As long as we can sell our oil, it will be in our interest to stay in the JCPOA.”

U.S. sanctions on Iran have already included banning Iran from buying dollars and trading gold and other precious metals, as well as targeting the automotive sector.

The European Union, desperate to appease Iran, had sworn to protect the nuclear deal, but their efforts to circumvent American sanctions have proven difficult to achieve.

Iran’s typical braggadocio has been jettisoned for a more obsequious approach, which didn’t go unnoticed:

And there’s more bad news for Iran as its economy tanks as a result of U.S. sanctions: