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Trump Trolls Liberals With Fantastic Video Montage

Hillary Clinton still hasn’t gotten over her crushing defeat in the presidential election 20 months ago.

But in some ways, neither has President Trump.

Barack Obama wasn’t still talking about Sen. John McCain in July of 2010, and George W. Bush certainly never mentioned Al Gore nearly two years after he defeated the former vice president in 2000.

Trump, however, is still bringing up his foe. Often, it’s to whip up crowds at campaign events, but the prime reason Trump won’t let the Hillary thing die is because he simply loves needling the press, the pollsters and the political pundits, all of whom predicted he’d lose badly to Clinton.

On Sunday, Trump posted a video montage on Twitter that featured a slew of politicos and TV talking heads predicting that Trump would get crushed in the 2016 election. As the caption, Trump wrote: “They just didn’t get it, but now they do!”

The two-and-a-half minute video opens with a short scene from “The Simpsons” that actually aired in 2000, in which Trump declares he will run for president in 2015 (The Simpsons is always right!). In a tight montage, the video then runs through a host of politicians, celebrities, political pundits and “journalists” flatly stating Trump will lose.

In one segment, George Clooney says: “There’s never going to be a President Donald Trump.” In another, Rep. Nancy Pelosi says: “Donald Trump will not be president. You can take that to the bank.”

Even Obama says: “Trump will not be president.”

Trump’s post has been liked 222,000 times and retweeted 78,000 times. Take a look.