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Trump Star Vandal Charged With Felony, Could Face THREE YEARS In Prison

By  Emily Zanotti

Austin Clay, who identified himself as the man who took a pickaxe to Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star, was arraigned Monday in Los Angeles County Court — and discovered precisely how much his “resistance” could end up costing him.

The L.A. County district attorney, TMZ reports, has charged Clay with felony vandalism, and, if convicted, Clay could face a maximum of three years in prison for destroying Trump’s star in an act of protest.

Clay probably won’t object to the charges, though he may try to enter a plea bargain. If convicted, Clay isn’t likely to serve the full three year term, but L.A. County courts are notoriously unpredictable.

Clay was caught on video taking a massive pickaxe to Trump’s star, completely destroying the marble-look memorial and bending Trump’s gilded moniker. Witnesses told police that Clay showed up with a guitar case, pulled out his weapon of choice, and obliterated the star. He then reportedly called the local police department himself, to announce what had happened.

TMZ reported late last week that Clay, who likely fashions himself a hero, turned himself in to Beverly Hills P.D.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has already repaired Trump’s Walk of Fame star, but the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce passed a resolution Monday evening asking for Trump’s star to be removed and “archived,” which was reportedly Clay’s goal to begin with.

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