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Trump To Sign Executive Order Against UN Funding, Calling For ‘At Least a 40 Percent Overall Decrease’

President Trump is set to sign an executive order that may dramatically reduce U.S. funding to the United Nations.

The move comes a month after the UN Security Council’s egregious anti-Israel resolution, labeling the Old City of Jerusalem, the Western Wall, and the Jewish Quarter illegally occupied territory.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that Trump’s draft order, aptly entitled “Auditing and Reducing U.S. Funding of International Organizations, demands “at least a 40 percent overall decrease” in American funding for international organizations that violate certain criteria. One such criterion is whether a given UN body recognizes full membership to the Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Authority, Islamist-inspired political projects accused of promoting terrorism and violence against Jews.

With the scrutiny of a seasoned businessman, Trump also plans on cutting funds to UN organizations guilty of: supporting terrorism-sponsoring states; supporting countries accused of violating sanctions; inappropriately engaging with sanctioned countries; supporting programs which fund abortion.

Moreover, “The outline specifically asks the committee to examine U.S. funding for peacekeeping operations abroad,” notes The Hill, citing the Times report. “The committee will also be asked to scrutinize the International Criminal Court, the United Nations Population Fund and development aid to countries that “oppose important United States policies.”

If Trump follows through with his defunding plans, UN organizations heavily reliant on American dollars may be severely impaired or cease to function altogether.

After years of ignoring genocide, excusing the abuses of Islamic dictatorships, and lambasting Western democracies, including Israel, the UN may now find itself irreparably weakened.

The chickens have come to roost. The UN has already delegitimized itself through moral perversity and self-righteous sanctimony. Trump’s decision to partially defund the UN may put the final nail in the coffin, relegating the international body to the edges of obscurity and irrelevance. Autocrats from Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and now “Palestine” have grazed the halls of international power for far too long. The time for reckoning has arrived.