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Trump Responds To Bobby Bowden’s Statement On Why Bowden Fought So Hard To Beat Coronavirus
PENSACOLA, FL - NOVEMBER 03: Legendary Florida State University head football coach Bobby Bowden is introduced by U.S. President Donald Trump at a campaign rally at the Pensacola International Airport on November 3, 2018 in Pensacola, Florida. President Trump is campaigning in support of Republican candidates in the upcoming midterm elections.
Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images

President Donald Trump responded on Thursday morning to a statement from legendary college football coach Bobby Bowden on why Bowden, 91, fought so hard to win his battle against the coronavirus after being hospitalized earlier this month.

Bowden released a statement yesterday saying that one of the reasons he “really wanted to win” his battle against the coronavirus, which originated in China, was that he “wanted to be around to vote for President Trump.”

Trump quoted parts of Bowden’s statement in a series of tweets, adding that the former Florida State coach was one of the best to ever coach the game.

“The GREAT Bobby Bowden, one of the best coaches EVER in College Football, on his full recovery from Covid-19 ‘….America is the greatest country this side of heaven. I’ve had a chance to get a lot of wins in my life, but I really wanted to win this one because I wanted to be around to vote for President Trump,'” Trump tweeted. “Over 300 wins and 2 National Championships. Thank you to Florida State for giving us Bobby Bowden!”

“I want to thank all the many, many people who were thinking of and praying for me over the last few weeks. I just went through a battle with Covid-19, and God just wasn’t ready to take me Home yet to be with Him,” Bowden said in a statement released Wednesday. “Most of you know I’m 91 years old, and the fight was tough. But thanks to the help of Dr. Michael Forsthoefel, and the support of Ann and all my children, I beat it.”

“I’ve had the chance to get a lot of wins In my life, but I really wanted to win this one because I wanted to be around to vote for President Trump,” Bowden said. “I have always said that the only thing you can take to Heaven with you Is your kids, and for 71 years of marriage, Ann and I have tried to live our lives and share our Christian Faith with them so that one day we will all be there together.”

“But until that time, we are here on earth, and America Is the greatest country this side of heaven. We have the freedom to pursue our faith in God our dreams for our career, and our love for our families. For too long now, politicians in Washington have run America down and apologized for our greatness. I’m tired of it,” Bowden continued. “Like President Trump, I had the opportunity to be treated for Covid-19 with drugs to include Remdesivir. At the age of 91, in many other countries, I might not have even been treated. In America, I was.”

“The one thing that all of us parents and grandparents can do for our children and grandchildren in these next couple of weeks is vote,” Bowden concluded. “We have to get out and vote for President Trump because re-electing him Is our only chance to leave the next generation with the same heritage, beliefs, and opportunities that Ann and I had and that many of you had. There are about 45 of us Bowdens around. Most of us live in Florida, and I promise you that almost all of us will be voting for Trump, and the ones that don’t won’t be telling me about it. So please, take the time, dadgumit, for the sake of our children and grandchildren, to Keep America Great and vote for Donald Trump.”

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