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Trump Rallies Now Ejecting ‘Fake’ Trump Supporters

Making sure that the dwindling number of supporters at his rallies are true Trump supporters and not protesters, the Trump campaign is asking members of the crowd to identify those they believe are protesters so they can be ejected from the rally.

On Wednesday in Atlanta, Trump spoke at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre, which seats 4,678 people, and as is customary for him, lied about the number of supporters at the rally. He told the audience, “This place is packed. We have people outside who couldn’t get in. Does anybody want to give up their seat?”

According to The Guardian, hundreds of seats were empty in the theater’s second level. A recent campaign rally in Virginia was also sparsely attended.

Before Trump an announcer asked supporters to identify any protesters in the audience, report then to security, then yell “Trump! Trump! Trump!” until the protesters were ejected from the theater.

Trump supporters were extremely zealous; The Guardian reported:

One woman pointed security toward a couple sitting quietly in their seats. “Them,” she mouthed. The couple seemed baffled and denied to a security agent that they were anything but genuine Trump admirers. He waved them toward the exit and said, “Let’s go.” Afterward the informer, who declined to give her name, grinned as onlookers congratulated her. “I heard one of them say ‘Never Trump’,” she said. “And one held up three fingers, like this.” She held up her hand in a Boy Scout salute.

What did the three fingers signify? “I have no idea,” she said.

As Jonathan Kaufmann, director of Northeastern University’s School of Journalism, stated:

I took my journalism class to New Hampshire in February to cover a Trump rally and was shocked when, a few minutes before Trump appeared, an announcer came on over the loudspeaker declaring that, “while Mr. Trump respects the First Amendment,” he wouldn’t tolerate any cat-calls or jeers. If anyone started protesting during his speech, the announcement explained, the crowd should surround the protester and security would eject him. In all my years covering campaigns I never encountered anything like that.

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