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Trump Narrowly Wins Exit Polling Among American Jews Living In Israel

Israeli-Americans apparently prefer Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton by the slimmest of margins. According to an exit poll taken among absentee American voters based residing in Israel, Trump is favored by five points, beating out rival Hillary Clinton 49% to 44%.

The poll, obtained by The Jerusalem Post, was administered by get-out-the-vote organization iVoteIsrael and KEEVOON Global Research.
Libertarian challenger Gary Johnson only managed to get 2% of the vote, while other candidates, including Green Party lunatic Jill Stein, barely obtained 1%.

“Full results of the exit poll, including state-by-state results, will be available on Thursday,” reports The Jerusalem Post. “The poll was taken on Monday-Wednesday of this week, among 1,140 respondents, and has a 3% margin of error.”

Oddly enough, the winner of the exit poll ended up with the highest unfavorability ratings. Trump led the pack with a 65% unfavorability rating, while Clinton trailed by just one point at 64%.
Americans in Israel appear to have the same feelings about the two candidates as they do in the United States. They hate both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. But when forced to choose between the two, more American-Israelis favored Trump. Do these trends carry over across the Atlantic? We’ll have to wait and see when the results start coming out next Tuesday.
The party breakdown among Israeli-Americans is less equitable than it is among Americans living in the States. While party affiliation is nearly split down the middle in the United States, more Israeli-Americans seem to identify as Democrats.
“Despite Trump winning among Americans in Israel, more of them are registered Democrats (33%) than Republicans (27%),” notes The Jerusalem Post. “Of Trump’s votes in Israel, 25% came from Democrats, and 10% of Clinton’s votes came from Republicans.”
Among Jewish-Americans, there’s a strong preference for the Democratic Party.
Pew Research Center reports:
Jews are among the most strongly liberal, Democratic groups in U.S. politics. There are more than twice as many self-identified Jewish liberals as conservatives, while among the general public, this balance is nearly reversed. In addition, about seven-in-ten Jews identify with or lean toward the Democratic Party. Jews are more supportive of President Barack Obama than are most other religious groups. And about eight-in-ten Jews say homosexuality should be accepted by society.
The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro explained this bizarre phenomenon in an illuminating video produced in 2015. “But by and large, most Jews vote leftist because they are upper-middle-class agnostics with above-average levels of post-graduate education who believe that religion is a great ill, that Biblical morality is intolerant and vicious, and that Judaism itself is passé,” stated Shapiro. “Jews who care about actual Judaism don’t vote leftist. And those who prioritize leftism don’t vote Jewish.”

Watch the full-video below: