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Trump Jr. Mocks Kamala Harris. She Responds. He Dunks Hard On Her.

By  Ryan Saavedra
Donald Trump, Jr., son of US President Donald Trump, gives a thumbs-up as he walks outside of Trump Tower in New York, September 24, 2019.
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Trump Jr. mocked Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris on Friday night over her personality, calling her nearly the “most disingenuous person in politics.”

“Why is @KamalaHarris the only person that laughs at her jokes… always way to long and way too hard?” Trump Jr. tweeted. “The most disingenuous person in politics… after Hillary.”


Harris responded: “You wouldn’t know a joke if one raised you.”

Trump Jr. fired back, highlighting Harris’ continued struggles on the campaign trail, writing: “Based on your tanking poll numbers, what’s definitely a joke is your entire campaign. Yikes!”

Politico reporter Christopher Cadelago tweeted: “Source close to Don Jr. responds to Harris tweet: ‘We feel bad for Kamala at this point … she’s irrelevant. She’s a phony who should go back to lying about listening to Snoop Dogg before Snoop Dogg was even a rapper.'”

Harris’ campaign has been in a downward spiral ever since Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) diced her up during the second presidential debate.

“She took incoming fire early in the debate from Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, who criticized Harris’ record as prosecutor, arguing ‘when you were in a position to make a difference and an impact in people’s lives, you did not, and worse yet in the case of those who are on death row, innocent people, you actually blocked evidence from being revealed that would have freed them until you were forced to do so. There’s no excuse for that and the people who suffered under your reign as prosecutor — you owe them an apology,'” Roll Call reported. “The attack seemed to catch Harris by surprise, and she never recovered. Polls quickly showed her sliding back to the single digits in national polls.”

Just this week, fellow California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein decided to not endorse Harris for president, choosing to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden instead.

“Feinstein’s endorsement of Biden may seem like a snub to Harris — a first-term senator and former California attorney general — but it hardly comes out of left field, as just last week she held a fundraiser for the former vice president in her home in San Francisco,” Fox News reported. “The endorsement from Feinstein — a longtime liberal lawmaker who was first elected in 1992 — comes as Biden is struggling to hold on to his role as Democratic frontrunner. An average of recent polls compiled by Real Clear Politics has Biden and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren virtually tied at the top of the Democratic race.”

Harris received a slight bump in the polls following the first Democratic presidential debate after she shredded Biden, who struggled to respond to her attacks.

“Harris raised $11.6 million last quarter, a decent amount. But her haul was less than half of Sanders’ and Warren’s, and well below Buttigieg’s and Biden’s,” Roll Call added.

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