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Trump: I Want ‘DREAMers’ To Be Americans, Not Illegal Aliens And Foreigners

During a press conference on Tuesday, Donald Trump rejected the so-called DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act, saying that he wanted “DREAMers” to be Americans, not illegal aliens.

Regarding President Barack Obama’s executive decision to not enforce the law with respect to illegal aliens who were or who claim to have been minors at the time of their entry into the U.S., a reporter asked Trump about the decision’s beneficiaries.

“There over a hundred thousand young people known as “DREAMers” who have deferred action given to them. What should they expect?” asked the reporter.

“I want DREAMers to come from this country, okay? You mentioned DREAMers. I want dreamers to come from the United States. I want the people in the United States that have children, I want them to have dreams also. We’re always talking about DREAMers for other people. I want the children that are growing up in the United States to be dreamers, also. They’re not dreaming, right now,” said Trump.

Highlighting Obama’s blackness, Trump implied that the President’s skin color is used as a shield to give him “a free pass” to avoid responsibility for socioeconomic hardships that are more acute in the “black community” than the general population.

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