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Trump-Hater Rosanna Arquette: My Being Born White And Privileged Disgusts Me
rosanna arquette
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On Wednesday, Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette, who bills herself as “resisting fascism on a daily basis” on Twitter, apparently decided to respond to the national conversation revolving around the evils of white supremacy by airing her profound guilt over being born as a white person, tweeting, “I’m sorry I was born white and privileged. It disgusts me. And I feel so much shame.”

Three hours before that, Arquette pronounced her verdict regarding President Trump, tweeting, “The president of the United States of America incites racist violence. The end.”

Between the time she issued the first tweet and the time she issued the second, Arquette had time to retweet a TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) tweet from fellow Trump-hating actress Ellen Barkin, who barked, “There will be no ban on assault weapons because our govt is using them against us. #TrumpRaceWar#White Supremacist Terrorism.”

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On Tuesday, Arquette decried American patriotism, tweeting, “I’ll never stand for the flag again” accompanied by a picture of her kneeling before a number of American flags.

Speaking to The Guardian in May, Arquette boasted, “I’m a ‘take no sh**’ kind of person. I’ve never kept my mouth shut, especially as my industry is so misogynistic. I’ve got a reputation as a troublemaker.”

In June, in a now-deleted tweet, Arquette wrote of the situation at the southern border, “Children are sick and dying inside the cruel concentration camps. This will be the Trump administration’s legacy.” She added later, “The United States of America is holding babies toddlers and children in barbaric conditions in concentration camps (yes that is what they are.) abusing and traumatizing them. The world is watching. Do something. This is a violation of human rights.”

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