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Trump Finally Goes Too Far… Ruins Eclipse for CNN’s Ana Navarro

By  John Nolte

Ana Navarro, the so-called Republican strategist who has made a CNN career for herself by taking the Left’s side on almost every single issue, and who frequently melts down in front of the entire world over President Trump’s latest offense, is feeling especially outraged today. Apparently Trump has finally crossed the line — well, another line — because poor Ana is not going to be able to enjoy today’s eclipse.

“Guys, I’m having a really hard time caring about this eclipse thing. Too worried about broken state of our nation and #PresidentLoco,” Navarro tweeted out Monday morning.

First off, why is Navarro being so exclusionary by addressing only “guys?” From the go this appears highly inappropriate and sexist. Moreover, one gets the sense a homophobic Navarro is assuming the gender of her audience.

You know, the Obama presidency was pretty rough on me. Over those eight years, there were a countless number of bad days, a number of bad weeks and even a number of bad months. Never, though, do I ever remember Obama ruining even a single day of my personal life, much less a once-in-a-lifetime event. Not on the day he was elected president, not on the day ObamaCare passed, not ever.

Even on Election Days 2008 and 2012, even when I knew the hideous Barry was going to win, I was able to sit back and enjoy the magic and miracle of a day when the only thing that mattered is what the People decided — not the media, not the special interests, not the lobbyists, not the politicians. Today the People have their say.

Nevertheless, even if the opposite was true, even if Barry did give me a case of the sadz, I certainly would be in possession of enough dignity to avoid baring my ass and saying so out loud.

But isn’t this one of the problems with the hard-left (let’s stop the charade about where Ms. Navarro stands)? That they live and die this stuff? That everything to them must be political or tainted by politics?

The good news is that they are making themselves miserable, ruining their own lives over it, while the sane among us, those of us who are not hysterically insecure neurotics, fight the good fight while at the same time living the good life.

And I must say that knowing Trump ruined the natural miracle and wonder of today’s historical eclipse for Ana Navarro has not only made me like the President even more, I will also take additional pleasure from the eclipse itself.

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