#CNNRepublicans: Clinton's 'Personal Issues' Not 'Fair Game'; Helps Hillary

CNN’s Ana Navarro seemingly warned Donald Trump not to bring attention on allegations of Bill Clinton’s commission of sexual abuse and rape. Dubbing the allegations “personal issues,” the “Republican strategist” offered the current GOP front-runner political advice free of charge.

Trump is currently polling at 35%. Navarro’s preferred candidate - Jeb Bush - is polling at just over 4%.

Asked by Dana Bash whether highlighting “problems that [Bill Clinton] had over 20 year ago” would hurt Trump politically, Navarro answered in the affirmative.

“He knows that if he says something outrageous, he says something controversial, it will lead to media coverage and he will continue getting earned media,” said Navarro, complaining about the very media focus she participates in. No mention was made of Trump’s ascendance in spite of overwhelmingly hostile media coverage of him and his campaign.

“I don’t think it’s helpful. I think it’s helpful to Hillary Clinton in the long-term,” added Navarro. No explanation was provided as to how Trump’s highlighting of Bill Clinton being repeatedly accused of sexual assault would be politically beneficial for Hillary Clinton’s presidential ambitions.

“It’s an old issue. In fact, you know, I would say, Mr. Trump gave Bill Clinton’s foundation a hundred thousand dollars, invited Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton to his wedding, maxed out in donations to Hillary Clinton after all these allegations, after all these scandals had surfaced,” said Navarro in an attempt to diminish Trump’s partisan bona fides. No mention was made of the relationship between the Bush and Clinton families.

“There’s a lot of things to go after Hillary Clinton on and scrutinize her on. I think her husband’s personal issues is not fair game,” concluded Navarro. No elaboration on the nature of the “personal issues” was provided.

Left-wing panelists Donna Brazile and Bakari Sellers agreed with Navarro’s analysis.

Navarro’s boyfriend, Gene Prescott, is a Democratic fundraiser who apparently said he’d likely vote for Bush over Clinton. Navarro ran a "Hispanic outreach" operation for Senator John McCain's failed 2008 campaign.

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