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He’S NoT CrAzY: Trump Aces Cognitive Test, No Sign Of Impairment, WH Doc Says

By  Joseph Curl

President Trump is in excellent health, his White House doctor said Tuesday.

“He has incredible cardiac fitness at this point in his life,” said Dr. Ronny Jackson, who conducted the routine physical examination. Jackson said the exam took four hours and included a dozen other medical personnel for a series of tests.

The doctor said Trump’s lifelong abstinence of alcohol and tobacco has led to his excellent health. And Jackson also said Trump, 71, simply “has incredibly good genes. It’s just the way God made him.”

Jackson said Trump asked to take a cognitive exam during the session. The doctor used “The Montreal Cognitive Assessment,” which screened for Alzheimer’s and dementia, among other illnesses. Trump scored 30 out of 30.

“The cognitive test, it’s well-respected. It’s a test that’s used throughout the United States,” he said. “The fact that the president got 30/30 on that exam, there’s no indication whatsoever that he has any cognitive issues.”

Jackson described Trump as “very sharp” and “very articulate when he speaks to me.”

Reporters in the White House briefing room repeatedly asked about whether Trump showed signed of cognitive impairment or degeneration. At one point when another reporter asked about “rumors of dementia,” Jackson dismissed those as “tabloid psychiatry.”

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has repeatedly claimed on air that sources have told him Trump suffers from early-onset dementia. But Jackson said that’s just not so. “I have no concerns about his cognitive ability,” Jackson said, noting that it was the first time a president has had such testing.

Jackson said Trump is 6’3″ and weighs 239 pounds — which makes him borderline obese. Jackson said he urged Trump to adhere to a healthy diet and increase his exercise — from none currently to at least some. He said he told Trump to cut down carbohydrates and fats. Jackson said Trump hopes to lose 10–15 pounds in the next year.

“The president has acknowledged that he’d be healthier if he lost a few pounds.”

All of Trump’s blood tests were normal. His blood pressure is 122/74, a normal level, and he has a resting heart rate of 68 beats per minute. Jackson said Trump takes Crestor, aspirin, Propecia (to prevent male pattern hair loss), and a multivitamin.

Jackson said Trump sleeps four to five hours a night. “It’s just his nature. It works for him. It wouldn’t work for me, but it works for him.”

And the doctor said he’s confident that Trump — the oldest man ever elected president — has a “very strong and a very probable possibility” of completing his first term “with no medical issues.”

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