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Trump Enemies Troll His Hotel With Spotlighted Bribery Offer

By  Robert Kraychik

A self-described “video journalist” projected varying images on the entrance of Trump International Hotel in the nation’s capital, taking to Twitter to share his antic:

Robin Bell, who claims to have orchestrated the projection, shared various images of his projections on Dropbox.

Igor Volsky, an operative of the socialist and Clinton-aligned Center for American Progress (CAP), hyped the projection stunt on Twitter without any sense of irony given his employer:

Bell’s projection feeds on a narrative framing President Donald Trump as monetizing the presidency. Assorted Left-wing and Democrat-aligned news media outlets and persons have suggested that the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. amounts to a money laundering vehicle through which political interests — both foreign and domestic — can purchase political influence from the president. Given the Trump International Hotel’s provision of services to foreign interests, including foreign diplomats and dignitaries, such news media outlets and persons allege that Trump is in violation of the Constitution’s foreign emoluments clause.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a Left-wing and Democrat-aligned lawfare organization, filed a lawsuit against Trump in January alleging violations of the Constitution’s foreign emoluments clause. The lawsuit is being assisted by law professors Erwin Chemerinsky of the University of California and Laurence Tribe of Harvard University.

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