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TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: Bette Midler Blames Trump For Riots In Gaza

On Monday, Bette Midler, who is shot through and through with Trump Derangement Syndrome as well as vulgarity, ripped President Trump for his decision to move the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, claiming that Trump’s decision was the cause of Palestinians rioting on the Israel-Gaza border and the ensuing reaction from Israel defense Forces:

Of course, it never entered the intellectual giantess’ head that the Palestinians have been conducting these riots for weeks, that the riots are not “peaceful protests,” and that Hamas, which engineered the riots, is hell-bent on murdering Jews and eliminating the Jewish state.

As reported by The Washington Post:

“We are excited to storm and get inside,” said 23-year-old Mohammed Mansoura. When asked what he would do inside Israel, he said, “Whatever is possible, to kill, throw stones.” Two other young men carried large knives and said they wanted to kill Jews on the other side of the fence.

Of course, Midler’s hatred of Trump is well-documented:

Twitter told her what she could do with her opinion:

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