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Trump Condemned Violence. 60 Minutes Buried It.

Over the weekend, left-wing CBS News withheld condemnations made by President-elect Donald Trump on Friday during a 60 Minutes interview of alleged acts of bigotry claimed to be carried out by his supporters.

If CBS’s managing editors sincerely believed that Trump’s electoral victory has inspired a spate of violence and bigoted acts and that the president-elect could stifle its continuation, why did the network not rush to broadcast his condemnation of said acts?

Over recent days, left-wing and Democrat-aligned news media outlets have claimed or implied that Trump’s supporters are carrying out racist and otherwise bigoted actions. Also stated or implied by the usual suspects is that Trump’s win amounted to an uncorking of “white supremacy,” anti-black racism, “Islamophobia,” anti-female sexism and assorted bigotries.

Assorted left-wing and Democrat news media outlets and personalities have placed the onus on Trump to assuage protesters opposing his victory. Anti-American foreign propaganda outlet Al-Jazeera has also forwarded this narrative. They have also called on Trump to repudiate the aforementioned alleged acts of bigotry which they claim to be inspired by Trump’s election.

Trump sat down with CBS’s Leslie Stahl on Friday for a long-form interview with 60 Minutes. Stahl pushed the narrative of Trump as an inciter of the aforestated bigotries, inviting the president-elect to condemn alleged acts she implied were inspired by his political rhetoric.

The interview in its entirety was broadcast on Sunday evening during the regularly scheduled 60 Minutes time slot.

Ignored by Stahl and her ideologically similar counterparts was racially-motivated violence carried out by Hillary Clinton’s supporters. Also ignored was any examination of the professional organizational element of the protests as directed by neo-Marxist agitation groups connected to Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democrat Party.

Watch the relevant segment below.

Watch the entire interview here.

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