Tapper: Trump's Election Inspiring Racism 'All Over The Country'

On Sunday’s State of the Union, left-wing CNN’s Jake Tapper hyped the narrative of Donald Trump’s electoral win inspiring racist and other bigoted acts across the nation. Focusing on stories of anti-black, racist, and pro-Trump graffiti implied to be the work of a pro-Trump vandal, CNN echoed a narrative pushed by similarly left-wing news outlets such as People, USA Today, BuzzFeed and TIME.

The election of Trump, according to Tapper, opened the valve on a previously more tightly contained series of bigotries--anti-black racism and anti-Hispanic sentiment--implied to be widespread among white people who voted for the New York City billionaire.
In an interview with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Tapper hyped "an uptick in incidents of intimidation and harassment of minorities and girls and women" allegedly occurring in schools nationwide according to various school districts. He implored Ryan to address "these incidents taking place all over the country."
Watch Tapper's introduction below, in which he described millions of Americans as "terrified" of the incoming Trump administration. Political observers will never know if Tapper would have asked a similar question of Democrats if Hillary Clinton had been elected.

Tapper’s production team played a three-second clip--devoid of any context--implying that white students supporting Trump at a Pennsylvania high school shouted “white power.” In the video, it is unclear who is saying “white power.”

The video, seen below, was in part spread by racial agitator, Shaun King:

Speaking with former Hillary Clinton surrogate, Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA), Tapper asked about “the fear” supposedly felt by “many Americans,” with a particular focus on Latinos.

Becerra described Latinos who were terrified to leave their homes (echoing neo-Marxist CNN contributor Van Jones’s alarmism):
“I’ve heard everything from kids afraid to go to school, because they’re not sure their parents will be home when they get there. I’ve heard some families talk about not going to work. I’ve heard some people afraid to walk the streets because they may look like they’re Muslim. I’ve heard everything, and there’s a great deal of apprehension. It’d be a great time, right now - this is prime time, now for Donald Trump - it’d be a great for him to get out there and say some words that would calm people to make sure that everyone feels comfortable going out, whether it’s to demonstrate civilly, or whether it’s to just go to school… because so much of his talk during the campaign was so harsh, and for many people frightening.”
Video of a group of black men violently assaulting a white man in Chicago--recorded by what seems to be another black man saying, “Beat his a**! He voted Trump!”--was ignored by Tapper. The white man's car was also reported to have been stolen by the group. Chicago police reported that the man was hospitalized.
Watch the video below:

Tapper also mostly ignored evidence of professional agitation connected to Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama deployed to Trump’s rallies to incite violence. He opted not to interview James O'Keefe following his long-term undercover investigation into the matter.

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