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Trump Challenges Mueller On Twitter: End The Probe

President Donald Trump struck out at Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Twitter last Saturday and into Sunday, challenging Mueller to follow the example of the House Intelligence Committee and end his “witch hunt.”

The tweet appears to be the first time that President Trump has addressed Mueller on social media directly, but it was a pointed reference, suggesting that Mueller’s team is stacked with “hardened Democrats,” that the probe amounts to a “witch hunt,” and lastly, insisting that there was “NO COLLUSION!”

The tweets also suggest that both former President Obama and former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton are involved in Mueller’s ongoing investigation into whether the Trump campaign actively colluded with Russian officials to sway the 2016 election.

The House Intelligence Committee wrapped their investigation last week, finding no evidence of collusion, but still critiquing the president’s team for not being more aware of Russian efforts (the Committee also challenged the Obama Administration for failing to recognize the looming Russian threat until it was too late). The House report has only energized the Trump White House and intensified Trump’s desire to see Mueller’s nearly year-long probe ended.

So far, although Mueller has indicted several people, including at least 13 Russians and several members of Trump’s transition team, the Special Counsel has yet to reveal if he discovered any evidence of actual collusion.

Trump also whacked at former FBI director James Comey, who has been taunting the president on social media all weekend, suggesting he’ll be revealing deep, dark secrets about Trump in his forthcoming book, and Trump also criticized fired FBI deputy Andrew McCabe for collecting what Trump calls “fake memos.”