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Trump Blamed After Democrat HQ Burned To Ground In Arizona. Police Claim Democrat Activist Responsible.
Matthew Egler
Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Photo

Leftists blamed President Donald Trump and Republicans after an alleged arson fire burned down the Maricopa County Democratic Party office building last week, but police say the culprit was a Democrat activist.

The office, which serves as the state Democratic Party headquarters, was set on fire during the early morning hours of last Friday.

Late this week, the Phoenix Police Department announced that “Matthew Egler was arrested Wednesday morning on arson charges.”

“The 29-year-old was a former volunteer at the office but had recently been banned from continued volunteer service,” the department said. “The fire happened after midnight on Friday, July 24 at the offices near Central and Thomas in Downtown Phoenix. ​​​​The fire was extinguished but not before causing substantial damage to the building.”

“Surveillance video showed a man arriving alone in a car in the overnight hours. The video shows the suspect breaking glass to get into the building and then lighting an incendiary fire inside. The man then drove off,” the department added. “Task Force Investigators were able to link the vehicle from the surveillance video to a family member of Egler. … Further investigation revealed Egler had posted information on social media linking him to the crime and threatening additional violence.”

AZ Central reported that “in a document released by the Maricopa County Superior Court, police cited in a probable cause statement Egler’s posts on social media admitting his involvement with the fire and his anger with the Maricopa County Democrats.”

The local newspaper described Egler as “a Democratic activist who party officials say has had a long and troubled history with the Maricopa County Party over the years.” The paper said that the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office confirmed that Egler is a registered Democrat.

Egler had reportedly been banned from volunteering “due to the nature of his previous behaviors.”

“Police said in their probable cause statement that the video is of Egler, who had borrowed a family member’s 2009 Pontiac Vibe to drive to the building to set the fire,” the paper added.

After the building was burned down, leftists rushed to pin the blame on Trump and the Arizona Republican Party.

Phil Hendrie tweeted: “Investigators now believe this was arson. Trump is so desperate to get re-elected, so pathetically desperate even if voters don’t want him, he’s doing everything and anything – provoking riots, reopening an economy during a plague, setting fires…”

Willie Garson tweeted: “They burnt down the Democratic Headquarters in Maricopa County. Because, Trump, and because Arizona. End this f***ing nightmare. Act like Americans, you cult followers. Find your decency for a change, you’re better than him.”

Democrat aide Jon Sutton tweeted: “The AZGOP sent a poster with bullet holes to Ann Kirkpatrick’s office in 2016. When I worked here, armed protestors showed up outside regularly. I’m speechless. Their silence was complicit then and it is complicit now.”

“It’s 100 days until an election. It is entirely reasonable that staff could be working at 1 am in that office. I frequently was,” Sutton continued. “Call this what it was: ATTEMPTED MURDER.”

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