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The ‘Trump Baby’ Balloon Is Coming To America

By  Emily Zanotti

After completing its maiden voyage over the streets of London last week, the “Trump baby” blimp was set to go into retirement. But thanks to a generous donation from New Jersey progressives, he’ll cross the pond and make appearances in the United States.

The tiny balloon, which cost an unbelievable $25,000 — a price that could likely have bought a Macy’s Thanksgiving day float rather than the diminutive dirigible that accompanied protesters last week —will fly over Bedminster, New Jersey, the site of a Trump National Golf Club, the Bridgewater Courier News reports.

A group that calls itself the”People’s Motorcade” protests around the clock (at least, when the weather is nice) outside of Trump’s Bedminster golf club, warning people traveling along adjacent roadways that they are, in fact, entering Trump-owned territory. They thought the Trump balloon would make the perfect addition to their stagnant repertoire of cardboard signs.

“We agreed we need to bring Baby Trump to Bedminster,” their GoFundMe page says.

The group only asked for around $4,500, but generous “resisters” with money they should probably re-distribute in ways that make more economic sense, donated more than $17,000 to the balloon effort. As a result, the “People’s Motorcade” has organized a “grand tour” for the original Baby Trump, and is planning to order more Baby Trumps to distribute across this fair nation.

“Given your generous response we will be purchasing more than one Baby so we can go coast-to-coast, border-to-border. Our goal is to make Baby Trump available to various locations around the country,” they said in a statement over the weekend. “Dozens of locations have reached out to us. Therefore, we are building a Team to manage the tour to make sure that Baby gets as much exposure as possible.”

Trump told reporters last weekend that he noticed the Trump Baby balloon, but the president seemed unperturbed.

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